Vibration lures or Vibes as they are commonly know are a “Blade” type lure that have a vibrating or “side to side” motion in the water. They have a blade body with a lead head that has been molded into the blade. It has two tangs with which either a treble or double hook can be attached via a split ring.

The three tow points are situated on top of the blade.

Front Tow point

The front tow point when retrieved, gives the lure a fairly straight angle which looks very much like a bait fish swimming normally. In the smaller sizes, you may have to give the lure a short sharp pull on the line to get the lure vibrating.

Middle Tow point

This mid point when retrieved, gives the lure a 450 action and the vibration is increased in comparison to the front point. This is the most common starting configuration of these types of lures. The lure can be retrieved at a slower speed as it has a bit more of resistance in the water.

Rear Tow point

This is probably the best position, in my opinion, as this gives the lures a vertical profile in the water. This profile has quite a lot of vibration and quite a lot of resistance which helps the lure “sit up” and be retrieved nice and slow. This is very handy when you want to hug the bottom. Don’t worry too much about the front hook in this position as the water pressure tends to lift the hook and position it horizontally to the bottom which tends not to snag it. (Most of the time!!)


A couple of methods here.

Try the easy method of just casting it out and retrieving it like any other lure.

It is a good idea to find the bottom in your first couple of casts by counting as soon as your lure hits the water. When you feel the lure hit the bottom (Or see the line go slack) you know that where the bottom is and how deep it is (In seconds). This is good if you want to hug the bottom, so take off a second or two and you can hug the bottom knowing that you may not get snagged.

Next technique is too cast your lure out and let it sink to the bottom and give it two to three short sharp hard lifts of the rod tip. This imitates a wounded baitfish trying to flee the scene.

Just mix your retrieves up and have lots of fun trying. Happy fishing

Here is a couple of Australian Bream caught by Gary “The Bream Guru” Lee on a 40mm Dreamfish Vibe in “Red”.

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Written by Rod Cumming Copyright 2013