Wild Things

Wild Things come in wide variety of weights (including 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 ounce sizes), colours (Green head, Black head, White head and Red head).

The 1/16oz and the 1/8oz Wild thing have a bullet type head which are great for small pockets of water or where the fish have seemed to have gone off the bite. The 1/4oz and 3/8oz Wild things have a Banana style head and are great for larger areas and can be thrown further than their smaller cousins. Wild things are relatively weed and snag proof as the hook is angled up from the head.

How To Use Wild Things.

Wild Thing are very similar to Spinnerbaits, so they can be used in all those situations. The advantage of our Wild Things is that a grub is attached to the head instead of a skirt.

Cast your Wild Thing along the face of weed beds, across weed beds and through timber or anywhere else you feel will be holding fish. Let the spinnerbait sink down either right to the bottom or at any depth you wish.

The colorado blade has rounded edges giving the blade a slower turn rate which creates a low vibration noise in the water. The Willow Blade has a more slender appearance and has a faster turn rate than the Colorado giving a higher pitched noise in the water. Both of these have the ability to “helicopter” (The effect of the blade spinning around as it descends) to a particular depth, which can trigger a fish into striking

Experiment with the depth of water by counting as the lure sinks so when you get a strike at that particular depth, you then know where the fish are congregating.

There are a number of retrieves that can be used with Wild Things. The most popular methods include throwing out the Wild Thing to your desired location and retrieving it slowly back with no noticeable variation. One other method includes the lure pausing and letting it sink and then resume the retrieve. This can be either in short bursts ‚ flicking‚ the lure or long drawn out pauses which can really entice the fish to strike.

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Written by Rod Cumming

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