How to catch the Humble Freshwater Yabby (Cherax Destructor)


Most farm dams east of the Great Dividing Range have these tasty crustaceans living in them. This Dam is in Cowra NSW.


To bait the pot (Please check your local regulations as they vary from state to state in regards to the pot)

The humble Yabby (Cherax Destructor), can be caught quite easily with a piece of Liver (Cow or Sheep). I have found Liver to be the absolute best in Yabby baits. If you can’t get Liver, you can try Heart (Cow or Sheep), can of tuna (or any tin of Cat food!), piece of chuck steak. Really it can be anything that can leech blood or something that has plenty of oil in it. Place it in the trap and make sure it is tied on and is hard to get at.


Throw the pot in and make sure you tie it up on the bank. If you are yabbying in a dam, the position of the trap is really not that crucial, as long as it doesn’t go on it’s end and block the entry hole.

If you are Yabbying in a creek or river, make sure you lie the pot parallel with the flow of water. This makes it easy for the Yabby to follow the smell of the bait straight into the pot.


You can leave the pot in overnight to maximise the time in the water, but in my exprience, an hour will be sufficient to tell if there are Yabbies present.


This Yabby was the biggest from our trip.


You can keep them in a bucket with a little bit of water and keep them in the shade if it’s a hot day until you have enough for a feed. Only take what you need and throw the small ones back as they will be there for next time.


Cooking Yabbies

Boil a container of water with a half a handful of rock salt in it. Then place the yabbies straight into the boiling water. Wait until the water boils again and cook them for 3 mins only.


Once the Yabbies have been cooked, place them on a suitable rack to cool them. All you need to do now is enjoy either by themselves or with Rod’s special sauce (Equal parts of Mayonnaise and tomato sauce).


Words and Photo by Rod Cumming

14-Copyright 2012