How to Fillet a Fish

This is a Brown Sweetlips. This technique can be applied to these “Bream” types of fish.

No 1 & 2

Start with the bottom of the fish towards you and run your knife along the bottom of the fish following the backbone.

No 3

Cut through the shoulder area.

No 4 & 5

Turn the fish tail towards you and follow the backbone.

No 6


Lay the fillet skin down and run the knife along the skin toseparate it from the flesh.

No 7

Run you finger along the lateral line then cut along both sides of the pin bones.

No 8

Holding the V piece in your fingers run your knife along the blood line to remove it.

These fillets are best cooked just with bread crumbs (or you can dust them with flour, then dipped in an egg wash then coat them in bread crumbs) and shallow fried.

Written by Graham Cumming 2010