How to Fillet a Flathead

No 1

Lay your Flathead on its back then with a sharp knife cut through the belly flap just behind the pelvic fins.

No 2

Place your knife in the anal hole and cut the rest of the belly flap, don’t cut too deep if you want to keep the roe.

No 3

Carefully remove the roe

No 4 & 5

Cut through the body keeping the knife close to the backbone

No 6

Roll the fish on to its side and cut down to its backbone.

No 7

Rolling the fish onto its belly cut through the skin on the back.

No 8 & 9

You are now ready to separate the fillet from the back bone.

No 10

The fillet

No 11

Fillets and frame

No 12 & 13

The most important stage (if you want a boneless fillet) is taking out the rib cage.

Run your knife down each side of the bones feeling with your fingers where the rib cage starts.

No 14 & 15

The rib cage.

No 16

Skinning. Lay your fillet skin down and separate the skin from the flesh.

No 17

The finished product ready for washing in salty water.

If you want to know more about catching these wonderful fish, just go back to our articles and you will find How to catch them.

Now the best way to eat these, we have found, is roll them in just bread crumbs (You can also roll them in plain flour first, then in an egg wash and then bread crumb) and shallow fry until golden brown.


Written by Graham Cumming 2010