How to make a Lanyard for your Kayak

Well its that time of year again to dust off the kayak and chase those bronze battlers (Aust Bass), and being a keen yakker, we fish from our yaks all year round. During that time I’m sure that we have lost some gear overboard with carelessness or not tying our gear on properly. Not that long ago in the Cooks River I had lost an $1000 outfit and a pair of pliers during a fishing session, so I came up with a solution by making up some lanyards for my gear, that I take on board for the day! Very cheap and effective.

What I used:

200lb fishing line or you can use whipper snipper cord;

Heavy duty split rings stainless steel in size 9;

Crimps to suit the 200lb line; and

A stainless snap clip.

All these you can get at your local hardware store or boat chandlery.
Creating the coil:
To get the coil was simple, by used a 10mm round object (like a screwdriver) and cutting a 400mm of 200lb line, I taped one end of the line onto the screwdriver & carefully rolled the line tight onto the screwdriver. Once you have a resonable length of coil (around 100mm) still keeping it tight, tape the tag onto the screwdriver so it doesn’t unravel. Then place the whole thing, screwdriver and all, in boiling water for at least 5 mins, then take out to cool. After it has cooled, undo the tape and the coil should spring out.

Tying all together

Choose an end where you will put the snap clip. Slip the line through one side of the crimp then through the split ring and loop it back through the crimp. Finish it off by squashing the crimp with a crimp tool or as I did, by using a pair of pliers. Feed the snap clip onto the split ring and you have one end finished. Repeat the process with the other end and you have a very cheap and versatile lanyard.

Very easy to make and worth every penny to save your gear from going overboard, whether your in rivers or bays or dragging your yak over rapids might be worth to leash it up.

Words and Photos used by permission from Brett Grima.

Dreamfish 2010