How to Tie up a MudCrab

 This is a very simple guide for you to tie up a mud crab.

 Step 1. Grab a stick or an axe handle and push onto the head of the crab immobilising him. Grab the Mudcrab by the back flippers and hold him away from you. If he has any flippers missing, just hold him with the nearest leg.

WARNING: Ever heard of a “Mud Cramp”. Concentrate on what you’re doing and don’t become distracted. A finger or toe can be crushed very easily by a wayward nipper, and boy does it hurt!!!

Image Step 2. Place the Mudcrab on the ground and hold him firmly down with your foot.

Image Step 3. Cut a piece of nylon string around a metre in length. Lay the string around the shell of the crab making sure that it is at the base of both the nippers.


Step 4. With one end of the string, go around the outside of one nipper and firmly place the string in the first notch and pull the nipper in towards the head of the crab.

Image Step 5. Repeat for other nipper. If a nipper is missing go to next step.


Step 6. Whilst firmly pulling on the string, turn the crab so the flippers are uppermost making sure that the string goes around the flippers



Step 7. Tie the string tightly with a simple double “Granny knot” to secure the crab


And there you have it, a secured crab ready for cooking.



N.B: Please adhere to your local/State fishing regulations on size and bag limits.

Written by Rod Cumming Copyright 2013