How to make a Buzzmaster better

A couple of suggestions

First of all, thankyou for purchasing a Dreamfish Buzzmaster, one of the best top water lures in the country.

As soon as you get the buzzmaster out the packet crimp the rivet so as to stop the rivet from rotating. This is done so the Buzz Blade rubs on the stationary rivet when the lure is retrieved. This gives the Buzzmaster a high pitched squeal which combined with the low pitched sound of the Buzz bait blade creates a commotion that pelagic fish cannot resist.

Another thing you can do is to cut the skirt flush with the end of the hook or preferably, use a stinger (or trailer) hook so the fish does not strike short of the main hook.

Don’t forget to experiment on your retrieve and vary your speed. You can also let the buzzmaster sink and use it as a subsurface lure.

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Written by Rod Cumming Copyright 2013